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DKP112 Cottontail Distress.

DKP112B Crying Jackrabbit.

DKP113 Red Fox Distress.

DKP113B Female Red Fox in Heat.

DLP114 Red Fox Special.

DKP116 Coyote Pup Distress.

DKP119 Grey Fox and Rabbit Distress.

DKP122D Adult Coyote Distress

DKP122E Coyote Assembly Howls.

DKP122F Coyote and Fox Fight.

DKP132 Bear Cub Distress.

DKP134 Baby Lamb Distress.

DKP136 Coyote Killing a Lamb.

DKP137 Coyote Killing a Pig.

DKP138 Coyote Killing a Deer.

DKP139 Coyote Killing a Rabbit.

DKP140 Female Coyote Howls.

DKP148 Coyote Pup Yips and Barks.

DKP149 Coyote Pup Fight.

DKP150 Coyote Fight.

DKP151 Barking Coyote.

DKP152 Coyote Serenade.

DKP206 Gravelly Voice Rabbit.

DKP207 Screaming Rabbit.

DKP208 Coyote Pack Howl.

DKP209 Pure Coyotes.

DKP211 High Pitch Rabbit.

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