Printed Trap Tags

Printed copper trap tags with 3 lines and 18 spaces per line.
Smallest order is 25.

All tags and fasteners will ship seperate from order.
No postage charged for trap tags.

All of the trap tag inscriptions must be the same to receive the price break.

1--25 for 10.99

2--50 for 13.99

3--100 for 19.99

4--200 for 28.99

5--500 for 47.99

6--1000 for 74.99

7--2000 for 139.99

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

TrapTags$10.99, 2/$13.99, 3/$19.99, 4/$28.99, 5/$47.99, 6/$74.99, 7/$139.99
Line 1:
Line 2:
Line 3:

Trap Tag Fastners
50 Fastners for $2.99
100 Fastners for $3.99

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Hog Dog Cool Vest with Cool PacksHog Dog Cool Vest with Cool PacksThis hog dog cool vest is made like the cool vest with pockets for cool packs to help keep your dog cool. It has brass inserts 1/4" holes. Comes with 2 cool pack inserts. We can have these vests custom made for your dog all we need is the measurements.

We have Small-Medium and Medium-Large sizes.Small-Medium size fits up to 60 pound dog, Medium-Large size is from 60-100 pound dog.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day


For orders or for a copy of our Free Catalog call 1-800-762-2706.
Wholesale Catalog available also, Call for details.

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