<B>R-P's Louisiana Winter 2023 Fur Routes</b>

Louisiana Fur Routes for Winter 2023

We will not run if roads are frozen over.

If we are late on the Route, call 318-461-9433 for information. If no answer, call 318-872-4122.

When meeting us on the route, please keep fur cold, do not put in hot truck bed or in direct sunlight. We prefer the coon and beaver frozen if possible, but we also need to be able to count the individual furs.

Sunday February 12th & March 12th 2023

Delhi----11 AM----Hwy 117 N.-Texaco Station--Back Lot

Columbia----12:30 PM----Dukes Seed & Feed--Hwy 165

West of Jonesville---2:00 PM---Texaco Town---Back Lot---Hwy 84 West

T-Town Truck Stop---3:00 PM---Just West of Jonesville Hwy 84 West

Tullos---3:45 PM----Excell Mart II--Side by the woods

Winnfield----5:00 PM----Walmart Hwy 167 N in front of Garden Center

Sunday February 19th & March 19th 2023

Jonesboro----10:00 AM----at Old Jonesboro Seed & Feed (about 1/2 mile out on Hwy 4)

Calhoun----11:45 AM----Pine Hill Feed Hwy 80 N

Between Dubach & Bernice--1:30 PM--Hwy 67 Exxon Expressway--North side of parking lot

Dixie Inn----3:15 PM----Exxon Crossroads Truck Stop-South side

N. Shreveport----4:45 pm---Northwoods Bait & Tackle---6052 N. Market

Southeast Louisiana Fur Route

Sunday March 5, 2023

Dequincy, LA---2:30 PM----Macantel Feed & Farm/ Lone Star-206 w 4th St.

Just North of Lake Charles---3:45 PM---2555 US Hwy 171-Back lot behind Lucky Star Casino & Exxon 5 Star Quick Stop

Deridder---5 PM---Circle C Farm & Ranch--106 E 4th St.

Leesville---6:15 PM---Red & White Feed Store--905 N 5th St. (171)

North Louisiana Sunday February 26, 2023

Vivian, LA---5:45 PM---Vivian Feed & Seed---123 East Arkansas Ave.

Daylight Savings Time Starts March 12th, Don't be late!

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