Fur Update December 5, 2018

We will buy fur this winter, but prices are very cheap.

R-P Outdoors and Lewing Fur Company will buy fur this year. We are a part of Groenewold Network. We will be posting routes on here later. Lewing Fur Company buys fur west of Dallas and most of Arkansas. R-P Outdoors buys fur east of Dallas, all of Louisiana and southwest Arkansas.

Coyote- East Texas, North Louisiana around $7.00. No rubs on back or weak bellies. Do not skin junk. No unskinned Coyotes please.

Bobcat-Up to $25.00 on better Louisiana and East Texas. Please note the value of the cat is the white spotted belly. A narrow bellied or smokey bellied cat will not bring much. A cat that is brought in wet or dirty will not bring a good price. We will buy unskinned cats. Bobcat fur primes up after Christmas and most stay good until early March.

Beaver-Down some from last year's average, price is $5.00. Whole unskinned beaver. $4.00.

Beaver Castor-Clean, no oil sacks or fat-$18-$20 per pound green. This will need to be semi thawed so we can grade it. Fatty castor will be much lower!

Grey Fox-Still cheap. Prices about $5.00.

Red Fox-No good news, may bring about the same as Grey Fox.

Otter-Better Otter $18.00. Unskinned Otter up to $13.00.

Mink and Muskrat-Prices are very bad, don't harvest.

Opossum- No value.

Skunk- No value.

Coons-No market. We will stock at about $1.00 average on good stuff.

R-P Outdoors you can call our store number, 1-800-762-2706 or at night for fur prices 1-318-872-2377

15% off our retail catalog supplies when traded for furs from January 1, 2019-April 1, 2019.

For orders or for a copy of our Free Catalog call 1-800-762-2706.
Wholesale Catalog available also, Call for details.

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