Fur Update March 2021

We will buy fur this winter, but prices are very cheap.

R-P Outdoors will buy fur this year. We are a part of Groenewold Network. We will not be running a fur route due to health reasons. We will be buying here at the store until at least March 17, 2021. You can call after that date to see if our truck has came to pick them up yet.

Coyote- East Texas, North Louisiana $7.00 on the best. No rubs on back or weak bellies. Do not skin junk. No unskinned Coyotes please.

Bobcat-Up to $30.00 on better Louisiana and East Texas. Please note the value of the cat is the white spotted belly. A narrow bellied or smokey bellied cat will not bring much. A cat that is brought in wet or dirty will not bring a good price. We will buy unskinned cats. Bobcat fur primes up after Christmas and most stay good until early March.

Beaver-Whole beaver. $5.00. Green beaver pelts, $4.00.

Beaver Castor-Clean, no oil sacks or fat-$30 per pound green. This will need to be semi thawed so we can grade it. Fatty castor will be much lower!

Grey Fox-Still cheap. Prices about $4.00.

Red Fox-No good news, may bring about the same as Grey Fox.

Otter-Better Otter $12.00. Unskinned Otter up to $8.00.

Mink and Muskrat-Prices are very bad, don't harvest.

Opossum- No value.

Skunk- No value.

Coons-Low market. We will stock at about $1.00 average on good stuff.

R-P Outdoors you can call our store number, 1-800-762-2706 or at night for fur prices 1-318-872-2377

15% off our retail catalog supplies when traded for furs from January 1, 2021-April 1, 2021 with the exception of MB traps and JC Conner products.

For orders or for a copy of our Free Catalog call 1-800-762-2706.
Wholesale Catalog available also, Call for details.

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