Limited amounts of Lures and Baits.

Raccoon Lure 1 mrl1
Raccoon Lure 2 mrl2
Raccoon Lure 3 mrl3
Raccoon Lure 5 mrl5
Raccoon Taker 00 Special mrl00
Mink Lure 1 mml1
Mink Lure 2 mml2
Groundhog Lure mghl
Red Fox 4 Big Country mrfl4
Red Fox 500 mrfl500
SFE Canine Lure msfe
Snare Paste mspl
Fox Coyote Bait #2 mfcb2
Beaver Bait #1 mbb1
Beaver Bait #2 mbb2
Mink Bait #1 mmb1

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High Quality Lures and Baits by Marak of Iowa
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