<B>Fur Update January 2022</b>

January 4, 2022

At last, Fur Market has finally started to move!

We are now buying furs at the store.

We plan to run our Louisiana routes late in the season.

Beaver, Otter, Bobcat and fox prices will be about the same prices as year before last.

Possums and Nutria are not wanted at this time.

Coyotes will not pay to skin.

Keep checking back here for updates and price if (or when) they change.

Beaver---$5.00 and down. Whole beaver $5.00 on big ones.

Bobcats----$25.00 and down.

Otter---$15.00 and down


Clean green beaver castor is $25.00 a pound.

Call Randy 318-872-4122, or Jimmy 318-872-2377.

For orders or for a copy of our Free Catalog call 1-800-762-2706.
Wholesale Catalog available also, Call for details.

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