<B>Fur Update February 15, 2023</b>

February 15, 2023

Fur Market Update


There seems to be a shortage of Beaver, Bobcat and Otter at this time. Low or no harvest up north and west seems to be happening so it is left up to the south to produce the furs. Don't sell your furs before contacting us. At the same time beaver castor has taken a nose dive. $15.00 per pound green!

Beaver--There seems to be a shortage on beaver pelts for the fur and felt market. Extra large beaver $13.00. Dry beaver pelts up to $17.00 each. Our buyer said to meet and beat all competitors.

Otter--Green Otter Extra Large $32.00, Large 25.00.

Bobcat--Up to $55.00. We were told to meet or beat our competitors.

Skunks--Large Skunk $6.00.

Grey Fox--$6.00 Green.

Red Fox--$5.00 Green.

Coons--24" 1's and 2's-$1.00

No Coyote, Nutria or Possum wanted at this time.

Please keep a check on our website for new updates!

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