Old Trapping Books and Magazines

R-P has bought several collections of old trapping, hunting books, fur price lists, catalogs, trapping industry business cards and other important papers. We will have hundreds of different items to sell. It will take us many months to sort this selection. We try to keep the ongoing list updated. These books are grades and in good shape.

We buy collections of trapping and hunting magazines, books, ect.

Hundreds of trapping, hunting and fishing stories, as well as old ads and fur price lists.

Old Trapper Predator Caller Magazines

Old Fur Fish Game Magazines

Outdoor Life Magazines

Hunter Trader Trapper Magazines

1940 Outdoorsman Magazines

1941 Outdoorsman Magazines

1942 Outdoorsman Magazines

1943 Outdoorsman Magazines

1944 Outdoorsman Magazines

1945 Outdoorsman Magazines

1946 Outdoorsman Magazines

1947 Outdoorsman Magazines

1948 Outdoorsman Magazines

1949 Outdoorsman Magazines

1950 Outdoorsman Magazines

Canadian Trapper Magazines

International Trapper Magazines

Sports Afield Magazines

National Sportsman/ Sports Afield Magazine Bundle

Outdoor America Magazine Bundle

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Wholesale Catalog available also, Call for details.

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