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Badlands Bob-Has a bobcat gland base and appeals to bobcats in a variety of situations. A good bobcat lure at its finest.

Bobcat Gland-A quality mellow bobcat gland lure. John makes this lure from glands he cuts himself as well as other reliable bobcat men. Also works well on canines too.

Bonanza Gold-For when you need a loud far reaching call lure. Calls animals to the general area. Great for canines also.

Bonanza Mild-John's biggest seller by volume due to orders by government ADC programs. Best M-44 scent made, bar none.

Super Bonanza-One of the hottest lures available. John's #1 all around canine lure, anywhere, anytime. Deadly on coyotes on T-Bones. Can be use on flat sets, dirt hole sets,ect.

Deception-Its the natural smell natural smell of coyotes, concentrated. Used by top trappers year after year. Use year around and all types of sets.

Purfection-Perfected on a Montana badlands trapline. Its sweet mellow odor will cause cats to really work a set.

Wiley Coyote-Coyote gland based, aged and boosted with other ingredients. Will work as a gland lure or a curiosity type of attractant.