Medicine Hat Lures

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Medicine Hat Lures are made in New Mexico, not only for the Western Trapper, but used nationwide. by T.B. Gannon.

Red Dog---Top shelf gland lure with plenty of glands and a dab of skunk. Effective on both Grey and Red fox as well as early season Coyote attractant.

Wolfer---A Coyote gland lure with plenty of Coyote glands and aged to perfection. Ideal for fall and winter trapping.

45-70 Gov't---Formulated for Coyote, Bobcat, Badger, Coon and even calls Mountain Lion, Wolf and Fisher!

Wolf Dog Moon---This lure is exceptional for Coyote in dirt hole sets and flat hole sets. Also intended for M-44 applications.

Gato de Monte Grey Fox Lure---Food and musk ingredients with a curiosity kicker. Also attractive for cats.

Lynx Cat Blues---A blend of food, musk and curiosity.

Laughing Raven Cat Call---A pungent call lure that withstands snow, cold, wind and arid conditions and has catnip in it.

Cat Daddy---A gland matrix formula that contains synthetic pheromones that really pulls those males prowling around during mating season. Effective anytime.

Coon Pie---A penetrating and long range call lure. Made of various food, musk and call agents. Thick and syrupy.

Medicine Lodge Creek Beaver Lure---A castor based lure that stands up to cold, wind and rain and is good for cat rub sets.

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