R-P Coyote Baits

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Product Description

R-P Coyote Bait #1-'Mild' A good coyote bait aged just right to make that coyote work your set. Use with r-p coyote urine and lure. Will also bring in red & grey fox, cat & coon. 1 pint bottle.

R-P Coyote Bait #2 'Loud' A strong smelling coyote bait that is aged longer than coyote bait #1. For you who have asked, it will call Red Fox also.

R-P Fox & Coyote Bait #3A bait made for the coyote, red fox, grey fox and the bobcat. Has a cheesey smell to it.

R-P's "Skunky" Coyote, Bobcat & Fox Bait is aged just right. It has a skunky smell that will make animals go right to the dirt hole and get caught. Very good winter call for coyote, bobcat, red fox and grey fox.

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