Books for trapping, nusiance control, lures, baits and snaring.

High Volume Coon Trapping

Dynamite Bobcat Trapping

High Competition Beaver Trapping

High Performance Beaver Trapping

Beaver 2000
By Hal Sullivan

Fur Handling 2000
By Hal Sullivan

Trapping The Eastern Brush Wolf
By Russ Carman

Trapping North America
By Stanley Hawbaker

Pro Mink Trapping
By Stanley Hawbaker

Mink and Muskrat Trapping
By Stanley Hawbaker

Trapping Red and Grey Fox
By Stanley Hawbaker

Raccoon Trapping
By Stanley Hawbaker

Supreme Fox and Coyote Trapping
By Stanley Hawbaker

Raccoon Trapping
By Russ Carman

Mink Trapping
Russ Carman

Complete Guide to Lure and Baits
By Russ Carman

Foxes by the 100's
By Carman

Winter Fox Trapping Methods
By Carman

Muskrat Trapping
By Carman

Mink and How to Trap Them
By O.L. Butcher

Wolf and Coyote Trapping
O.L. Butcher

Trapper's Guide Book of Professional Trapping Methods
By O.L. Butcher

I Want To Be A Trapper Coloring Book
By Keith Winkler

Trapping the Beaver and Otter
By O.L. Butcher

Successful Conibear Trapping
By V.E. Tingley

Raw Fur Handling At Its Best

Advanced Fox Trapping Methods
By V.E. Tingley

Space Age Beaver and Otter Trapping
By John Clouser

Beaver and Otter Trapping
By Dennis Bushey

Trapping and Handling American Raw Furs
By C.O. Lippert

Proven Fox Trapping
By Gustafson and Pensinger

Beaver and Otter Trapping Open Water Methods
By Charles Dobbins

The Dirt Hole and It's Variations
By Charles Dobbins

The Variations of the Flat Set
By Charles Dobbins

The Great Teachers
By Charles Dobbins

Mink Trapping Techniques
By Charles Dobbins

Beaver Trappers Bible
by Guy Johnson

The Raccoon Trapper's Bible
By Guy Johnson

The Bobcat Trapper's Bible
By Guy Johnson

Trapping the Masked Bandit
By Gerry Barcella

Dynamite Mink and Coon Trapping
Tom Krause

Coon Come Easy
ByJohn Somonick and John Wilson

Professional Trapper's Manuel
By V.E. Tingley

Dynamite Snares and Snaring
By Tom Krause

Fox Trapping Across America
By Ray Milligan

The Complete Cooner
By Ray Milligan

On the Prowl for Bobcat
By Ray Milligan

Coyote Fever
By Ray Milligan

Snaring Methods
By Grawe

Dynamite Predator Trapping
By Tom Krause

Desert Trapping of the Big Three
By J.C. Conners

Bobcat Trapping the Professional System
by Mel Hershberger

Fox Trapping the Big Picture
By John Graham

Coyote Trapping Book by Mark June

Otter 2000 by Hal Sullivan

Trapping Techniques for Beginners by Hal Sullivan

Canines 2000 by Hal Sullivan

Snaring 2000 by Hal Sullivan

All About Professional Fur Handling by John Epler Jr.

All About Ginseng by John Epler Jr.

Professional Fox Trapping By O.L. Butcher

Professional Cat Trapping by O.L. Butcher

The Beaver Book by Nick Wynschinski

Leggets Fox Trapping Methods

High Quality Trapping by Darrell Marak

Canadian Trappes Dirthole System by Rex Baird

Master Land Snaring by Newt Sterling

Practical Raw Fur Handling Methods by Nick Wyshinski

Guide Book for Beginning Trappers by Nick Wyshinski

Minkology by Don Nicely Jr.

Canadian Trappers Mink Methods By Rex Baird

No Nonsense Beaver and Otter Trapping by Mike Marsyada

Leggett's Coyote Trapping Methods

Beaver, Beaver and Otter Too by George Wacha Jr.

Complete Bobcat Trapping Methods by Slim Petersen

A Few More Otter by Morris Fenner

The Canine Trappers Encylopedia by John W Crawford

Locations for Canines by John W Crawford

Beaver Business by Jeff Dunnier

Mink Trapping and Snaring Methods by Grawe

Snaring Coyotes by Boddicker and Gregerson

On the Line by Charles Dobbins

Effective New Snaring Methods

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